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A New Day of Infamy

I authored this post on December 8th, 2022 … one day after the 81st anniversary of the cowardly attacks on Pearl Harbor often called a day that will live in infamy.

Now, in no way am I attempting to minimize or step upon those who died in service to our nation on 12/7/41 in Pearl Harbor, or throughout the following years of World War II.

But I am saying that 12/8/22 is the day in which our government has cut us, the people, deeply.

Here’s why I am saddened and at the same time emboldened to continue the efforts and cause here at Signer57.

Today on 12/8/22 our government showed us through the prisoner swap for Viktor Bout the following…

  • That every word, action and effort around supporting active duty service members and veterans are lies. They chose to leave behind a marine, Paul Whelan, in Russia, while making this prisoner swap.

  • That rule of law and sovereignty of a nation's laws have no meaning here, there or anywhere. A nation without consequence quickly can devolve into anarchy - and that’s more of a position on our nation than other nations.

  • In exchanging Viktor Bout, anyone who may begin to step on our Second Amendment right to bear arms in our nation has just said they have nothing but empty words.

Before I go any further Viktor Bout is known as the Merchant of Death for his global arms dealing in which millions upon millions of guns, munitions, and artillery were sold on the black market across the globe. He was arrested by the United States in 2008 and convicted for arms dealing in 2012.

But here is the most insidious, dangerous line in the sand now drawn from those who govern us that we should rejoice in, as odd as that may be to write.

Here is why I rejoice - they no longer have ground to stand upon.

GIVE THEM NO GROUND. They no longer get compromise from us. Not one more inch.

In fact, their cavalier willingness to trade Viktor Bout shows us they don’t really care about gun violence. They only care about agenda and power.

Our constitutional rights were never meant to be infringed upon. The first and the second amendments are the most important to us as free citizens in our republic.

They ensure we as citizens keep our governments in check - by the people and for the people. 

The remainder of our constitutional rights, as it relates to governmental control and constraint of us all, apply once we are within their grasp and charged with an offense of their naming and accusation. 

So, while this prisoner swap is certainly questionable, for service members I am sure outraging, remember this - they have just exposed themselves as having no ground to stand upon.

No longer do they get a position of compromise from me, you or any Pro 2a association on the topic of the Second Amendment. Not one inch.

The next time a gun grabber opens their mouth, simply tell them the conversation ends because of where Viktor Bout now lives.

No longer do they get a position of compromise from me, you or any Pro 2a association on the topic of the Second Amendment. Not one inch.

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