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When Law Abiding Citizens Become Penstroke Felons.

It’s incredible the lengths at which gun grabbers, 2A haters, and progressive elites will go to work against the citizenry.Last month, we saw The Merchant of Death released and traded...

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A New Day of Infamy

I authored this post on December 8th, 2022 … one day after the 81st anniversary of the cowardly attacks on Pearl Harbor often called a day that will live in...

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What Is Signer 57 All About?

As you may know, our modern education system has largely failed us. Since the establishment of The Department of Education in 1979, there isn’t one core element of education our...

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Good Men Doing Nothing

March 16th 2020 is the day I knew I could no longer stand idly by. The next day my oldest son would see all of his 16th birthday party plans...

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The Cowardice of The Right

If you’re here you’re likely of like mind. You believe in what Signer 57 stands for and seek to Stand In Their Sacrifice™ that the original 56 signers made.But have...

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The Control of Information

Sadly the next few years will prove me right - a movement like Signer 57 is needed.Look no further than the Patriot Act originated, DHS cemented and newly minted Bureau...

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The Definition of a Nation

 I came across this meme in my readings and it has stuck with me since seeing it and reading it.   Our nation has (or had depending on who you speak with) defined...

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The Power of Free Thinking

Today I hosted Curt Mercandante on my podcast The Big Ticket Life.We had a wide ranging discussion on the value of freedom in life, business and the idea of free...

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Would you Sign?

Prior to the American Experiment, every ruling class over the people was a dictatorship. On July 4th, 1776 the first cemented step in ending the relationship America had with the...

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