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What Is Signer 57 All About?

As you may know, our modern education system has largely failed us. Since the establishment of The Department of Education in 1979, there isn’t one core element of education our nation has excelled at - reading, writing and arithmetic.

We know that federal alphabet agencies often fail us and education is no different. In fact, about 111 years prior to 1979, our nation disbanded its first federal education agency in 1868, begun only one year prior in 1867 by Andrew Johnson.

Given our failures in education today and for the last few decades, it’s no wonder that often I am asked about Signer 57 when out in public or exhibiting at shows where freedom minded patriots gather. 

Many times there is confusion, enlightenment and quizzical inquiries around the brand and what we really stand for.

As I began Signer 57, I wanted to intentionally think about a specific message and a call to action. 

Beyond John Hancock’s signature and Ben Franklin's innovations, our students of today get very little in the way of lessons and education on the price paid to construct the foundation of our nation by the men who risked everything.

I knew the market didn’t need another apparel brand that simply touts flags and/or guns. The market already has plenty of options there. I wanted to be additive to the idea of supporting liberty and freedom and bring the message back to its roots. To honor the sacrifices made.

I am Signer57. 

You’ll see this phrase throughout our social media posts, on our clothing and our website.

Being Signer57 means you’d stand in the gap and pick up on the sacrifices the signers made. Some were tortured, lands stolen, families kidnapped and taken. Some even died, all for the American experiment. It means you’d sign today knowing the price that might need to be paid.
As Signer57, you stand with their sacrifice.

The 56 original Signers gathered from the 13 original colonies. 

Despite modern day efforts to eliminate this fact of history by erasing things like the Betsy Ross flag, claiming it has racist roots, we will not forget where our founders came from.

This is not to excuse the fact that slavery existed in this time, it was evil then, it is evil now.  

But, this is where these men came from, 13 original colonies, which are now modern day states. Further, these same men saw fit to include the words - “...all men are created equal…” within our founding documents. A very progressive idea for its time and an idea in which none of these men are given credit for today.

Funny these same people who seek to cancel history rarely, if ever, speak out against modern day slavery like that in China of Uhygur Muslims, yes the same China who produces the cell phones with which they tweet their false outrage. One would think they’d toss their phones in the harbor in protest. First, they’d have to understand history to get that punchline, second, they’d need to have a spine and fortitude for sacrifice, they of course don’t.

If those dots are too hard to connect, you’d think instead fo cancelling our history, they’d protest real modern day African slave trade in Mauritania. 

It took 11 years.

I think all too often we conflate the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution as one in the same. They are in fact two separate documents.

The Declaration of course came to be on July 4th, 1776. The U.S. Constitution was finally ratified on December 7th, 1787 by Delaware and then we began to operate under it on March 9th 1789, a little over 18 months later. Even back then the Fed took their sweet time!

Within those 11 years, we fought the revolutionary war. The signers paid their respective prices having lands taken, homes burned to the ground, crops taken and/or burned, wealth confiscated, ships sunk in harbor, families kidnapped and tortured. 

There was plenty of infighting amongst the signers, scholars, lawyers and politicians of the day to bring us the Constitution.

My belief is that our nation is in distress. It's why I felt now was the time to raise awareness and bring people together around the message of Signer57.

Educating others, sharing the history and hopefully reigniting the passion for the nation and its founding ideals.

So, when you look at our logo you might see a flag charging forward, as is the way it’s displayed on some military uniforms or patches. Or, you may think the flag is upside down indicating a nation in distress. This is up to you to decide. Either way, I’m happy to have you here no matter your determination.

It’s why our logos have 11 stars or characters - to signify the 11 years it took from July 4th, 1776 to ratification of the Constitution in 1787. 

I hope you can connect to what I’ve set forth and created here and join us in the mission of Signer57 and be that much needed next signer in the face of tyranny today. 

As I began Signer 57, I wanted to intentionally think about a specific message and a call to action.

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