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When Law Abiding Citizens Become Penstroke Felons.

It’s incredible the lengths at which gun grabbers, 2A haters, and progressive elites will go to work against the citizenry.

Last month, we saw The Merchant of Death released and traded for a pot smoking hater of our great nation. Both of these criminals live free. And today, as of this publishing, I, and millions of other law abiding Americans, could become gun felons due to the ATF’s recent ruling on pistol braces - with a simple pen stroke.

You can read more on this outrageous gun grab, which is exactly what it is despite what THEY say, here -

Let’s break this down to brass tacks about why you, me and every single law abiding gun owner in America should be irate with this pen stroke ruling.

First of all - ANYTHING related to guns is a constitutional right. 

The fact that unelected gun grabbers can infringe upon this right is beyond forgiveness. If we had any remaining semblance of elected representatives long ago we would have fought against executive orders and bureaucrats ruling over us. It’s time for that to change; it simply must happen.

Look at how the DOJ is in lock step with the media to suppress the laptop story.

Look at how the CDC worked in lock step with the media to control the health narrative the last few years.

The legal system worked against our armed service members, police, first responders, health workers and citizens who simply wanted to serve and work without having the government tell them what to do with their bodies.

The FBI establishes arbitrary no go zones via GPS and digital ID in order to entrap those who would peacefully protest in DC in order to later pay a visit to those who don’t bend the knee to their party and benefactors.

Second, let’s say you disagree and I am entirely incorrect, inaccurate and out of line in my opinion of exercising my rights. You get to disagree, when you chose to send me that message on parchment paper, written with feather quill and ink from a jar written at night via an oil lamp light. Also you can deliver your opinions via pony express.

Because that’s the argument of gun grabbers - “…2A was never about today’s modern guns you dullard…”

They chose to define it to their terms and arguments of the day. They ignore the facts of what our constitutional rights are and aren’t. They may never be infringed upon. 

Beyond all of this here is my personal approach to gun ownership, again my right and your right in this nation.

  • All of my guns are purchased legally with full background checks.
  • I am a legal conceal carry license holder.
  • I carefully pay attention to where I go and when I may have a concealed weapon and when I may not. Living close to the New Jersey border presents an issue here, as does driving through Philadelphia County in Pennsylvania.
  • I lock all guns in a safe.
  • Additionally, all guns have individual locks on them. (With teenagers at home, I chose to take this added precaution. Because let’s face it teenagers do dumb things at times.)
  • When I carry, I don’t chamber. 
    • Side note - I personally feel gun makers advertising their gun/magazine capacity as “round capacity +1” is disingenuous and promotes unsafe handling in most all situations in which a gun is present. In most situations in which a gun is present there isn’t a need for a chambered round. 

These are my opinions here. Don’t come at me, none of my opinions change or influence or have impact on what you do. Handle your guns as you see fit and as your local laws require.

All of this said, it’s evident that safe and legal gun ownership is important to me. And yet, with this recent ATF pen stroke I’m a criminal. Of course, their pen stroke will have no bearing on actual criminals.

And the fact that we as legal gun owners are now mixed in with actual gun criminals makes my blood boil. I’ll also remind the gun grabbers that any gun I may own now which may fall under this new law was at one time purchased legally.

The gun grabbers will say “…but you have the Supreme Court to ultimately side or not side with you, isn’t this the way you want the Constitution to work?”

To that I say NO! 

No, this is not at all what our founders envisioned. At no point were our rights to be infringed upon by some unelected ideologues and bureaucrats. This was never the intention of our constitutional republic.

Our elected representatives are meant to represent and protect the very laws they swear to uphold.

It’s high time they wrest control of our laws, or it is enshrined within our laws for us to do so for them.

At no time should unelected agents of the elite be able to impact our constitutional rights. At some point the people, and their elected representatives, must wrest back control of our laws and system of order within our constitutional republic.

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